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Nicholette Goff Art 2013

Folkestone artist Nicholette Goff
uses DNA to 'save plants

BBC Article, March-2011

A Kent artist has been using DNA profiling to help save rare plant life at Dungeness as part of an art project.

Nicholette Goff from Folkestone uses living plant material to create art. Working with the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE), at the University of Kent she is helping to generate DNA profiles of rare plants.

She has also developed a system to make "prints" of plants in their natural environment which creates a record of the species that are threatened."By laying sample leaves or flower heads on paper or fabric they leave behind a ghost of colour and shape," said Ms Goff. "What you're left with is a silhouette image."

Through the project, she is aiming to raise awareness of the vulnerability of some of the wildflowers on the RSPB Dungeness nature reserve and the Romney Marsh.. .. ..

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Nicholette Goff Art 2013